Prevent a calamity before it happens with our Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems

The main aim of your fire protection strategy is to prevent fire from starting in the first place, however should a fire accidentally breakout rapid automatic detection and suppression is of paramount importance.

Meiway Kenya install, maintain and monitor all types of fire alarm systems in Kenya either wire-less or hard-wired systems for commercial, industrial and domestic premises, ranging from conventional manual all-point system with sounders to addressable including automatic detection.

We also do fire suppression systems for extinguishing fire & preventing re-ignition with no risk to people or damage to equipment for server rooms, generator rooms for banks, manufacturing companies etc

​We have  range of fire extinguisher equipment that we supply and service ranging from CO2, Dry Powder, Water & Form and more.

​Our systems are from leading manufacturers such as C-TEC, Apollo, Honeywell, Zeta, Inergen among others.

Get in touch with us for all your fire security needs.

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