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Networking Solutions - Structured Cabling Services In Kenya

Standards-Based Structured Computer Networks Cabling Solutions In Kenya For Integrated Voice, Data, Image And Related Information Technologies.

Meiway Kenya provides value-added supply, installation and maintenance of computer networks technology equipment and cabling solutions in Kenya.

Built on a solid foundation of quality products & services that are responsive to the requirements of our clients, we target small, consumer-level as well as commercial enterprise segments of the Kenyan market.

We serve our customers by providing extensive network design and installation solutions on single buildings as well as distributed production sites, using a variety of quality products & services which we supply and install promptly and accurately.

Our systems comply with all Kenyan and international cabling standards.

We supply, install & Maintain end-to-end networking solutions in Kenya, based on 100 ohm Cat-5e and Cat-6 UTP, Cat-6A UTP and F/UTP, plus Cat-7A S/FTP, as well as 50/125μm or 62.5/125μm SingleMode and MultiMode fiber optic cabling solutions.

We continuously invest in our comprehensive inventory of the latest end-to-end networking solutions in Kenya from internationally renowned manufacturers and suppliers such as SIEMON, CISCO, UBIQUITITPLINK among others.

Contact us today or give us a call on +254 722 323 100 for a custom cabling network solution in Kenya that fits your organization's requirements, while remaining friendly to your finances